Philips PSE0500 Speakerphone
Philips PSE0500 – Wireless Portable Bluetooth USB Conference Speakerphone
April 24, 2024
Philips PSE0400 front side
Philips PSE0401 – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone
April 25, 2024
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Philips PSE0400 Microphone

Philips PSE0400 – Portable USB Conferencing Microphone

Rs.22,051.00 Rs.16,962.00

Experience superior audio with the Philips PSE0400 USB Microphone! Boasts 360° pickup, advanced noise reduction, & plug-and-play simplicity. Ideal for remote work, video conferencing, & clear communication. Enhance voice clarity, eliminate distractions, & boost collaboration. (Buy Now)

  • Amazing Voice Recording
  • Smart Noise Reduction
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Easy Setup
  • Small Size/ Easy To Carry
  • Premium Appearance

Philips PSE0400 Portable USB Conference Microphone: Capture Every Voice In Detail

Tired of muffled audio or struggling to be heard in conference calls?

The Philips PSE0400 Portable USB Microphone is your solution. This powerful, compact microphone delivers crystal-clear audio with 360° omnidirectional pickup and advanced noise reduction.

Here’s what makes the PSE0400 the ideal choice for clear and professional communication:

Philips PSE0400 - Portable Conferencing Microphone USB connectivity

  • Unparalleled Voice Capture: The 4-array microphone system with 360° pickup ensures all voices are captured clearly, regardless of location in the room (up to 5 meters).  No more struggling to be heard or missing key points.
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction: Advanced algorithms effectively filter out unwanted background noise like keyboard clicks or room hum, delivering pure, high-fidelity audio.
  • Crystal-Clear Transmission: The high-fidelity audio core processes sound with exceptional accuracy, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly and without distortion.



Philips PSE0400 - Portable Conferencing USB Microphone

Beyond Superior Audio:

  • Effortless Setup: Plug-and-play connectivity via USB allows for instant connection with your laptop or desktop computer. No drivers or software required.
  • Compact Design:  The lightweight and portable design makes the PSE0400 easy to carry with you on the go, perfect for remote meetings or business trips.
  • Premium Aesthetics: The sleek and stylish design with a matte grey finish complements any workspace.



Philips Portable Conferencing Microphones

Invest in Clear Communication:

The Philips PSE0400 Portable USB Microphone is your key to enhancing the quality and clarity of your online meetings, presentations, and video calls. Boost professionalism, ensure everyone’s voice is heard, and experience seamless collaboration with this innovative microphone.

Ready to capture every voice in the room?

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  • Download” the product brochure for a detailed breakdown of its features and functionalities.



Number of microphone arrays4 microphone arrays
Sampling rate48KHz/16bit
Pickup distance3-5 meters
Horizontal reception angleHorizontal 360°
Signal-noise ratio65.5dB
Dimension/Weight(width X height) 90 X 21 mm
Echo cancellation/active noise reductionsupport


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