Saatvik Sound Proof Booth provide you a private and comfortable place to do your creative works. Our booth structure consists of support in frame made from metal/ aluminum panels. Low noise air ventilation system with maze-like internal layout to ensure necessary air circulation in three minutes, while preserving sound proofing attributes of the booth. Silence Booth, Telephone booth, Acoustic Booth are customized, The air in the booth is fully circulated, equipped with 4000k natural color lighting, 12V USB power supply and power rated for 100-220V/50Hz.

Now Sound proof acoustic booth is necessary for Corporate, Education, Office, Function, Residential, Stadium, Live show, Recording, Broadcasting, Interpreter, Meditation, Gaming, Music, Study………

We Manufacture Silence  Booth, Sound Proof Booth, Telephone Booth for one sitter, Two sitter, four Sitter, Six Sitter and customized as per requirement.

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