Lumens VC-B30U HD PTZ Camera
Lumens VC-B30U HD PTZ Camera
June 18, 2018
Lumens VS-K20 controller
Lumens VS-K20 Camera Controller
June 18, 2018
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Lumens VS-LC102 Lecture Capture Device

Lumens VS-LC102 Lecture Capture

Rs.455,000.00 Rs.445,000.00

Lumens VS-LC102 Lecture Capture

The Lumens CaptureVision Station is equipped with HDMI / VGA/ RJ-45 ports and supports Full HD 1080p video and audio recording.


Lecture Capture System – Recording & Streaming Device

Key Features:

  • Supports up to Four Input Sources Concurrently, with Full HD
  • Graphical User Interface Allows Ease of Use
  • Easy Installation
  • Ability to Produce Microfilm Instantly, without Post-Production
  • Distance Learning
  • Backup Recorded Video Instantly
  • Built-in 1TB Hard Drive


Video Inputs* HDMI/ VGA/ RJ-45
Max. Video-In Channels


Maximum 4 channel synchronized recording
HDMI/ VGA/:2 channels
Full HD network camera:4 channels
Video-In Modes HDMI: 480i~1080p/60fps
VGA Video: 480i~1080p/60fps
VGA PC: 640*480~1920*1080
Audio Inputs Line in, Mic
Max. Audio-In Channels 3.5mm Stereo: 2 channels
Video Processing-Compression H.264/ AVC
Frame Rate Max. 30fps
Video Processing-Bit Rate 64Kbps~24Mbps
Resolution Max. 1080p
Audio Processing-Compression AAC-LC
Audio Processing-Bit Rate 32Kbps~512Kbps
External Storage USB / eSATA
Internal Storage Built-in 1TB hard disk (Only for VS-LC102)
Locally Stored File Output Format MP4
Support Format Output : RTP, RTMP
Streaming Format Output : RTP, RTMP
Main Output Mode (Max.) HDMI / VGA : 1080p/60fps
Display Layout Full screen/ picture-in-picture/
multi-channel split screen, up to nine layouts
Recording Layout Multi-View streaming, up to nine layouts
Index (keyword tagging) Automatic and manual index insertion
Auto Logo Insertion
During Recording
Yes, through web-based back stage management setting
Share live streaming from CaptureVision Station Yes, Multicast
Webcasting Support Youtube Live, UStreaming, Adobe Media server
Local File Playback Yes
Select by Index Yes, browse playable content through knowledge point index
View course content on any device Yes
Post Lecture Editing Yes, through web-based back stage
Post Index Points Editing Yes, through web-based back stage to add and delete index points
Auto Logo Title and Ending Insertion Yes, through web-based back stage to insert logo title and endings when
exporting lecture video
Remote Control Yes, included with purchase
External Control Yes, supports RS-232 interface port
Power Supply 12V/ 2A
Temperature / Humidity 0~45°C / 90%
Dimensions 354mm(L) x 187.96mm(W) x 45.97mm(H)
13.94 inch(L) x 7.4 inch (W) x1.8 inch (H)
Weight 1.33 kg ( 2.93 lbs)
Station Control Web-based back stage
Language English / Simplied Chinese / Traditional Chinese
Accessories Remote control / power adapter / quick guide


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