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EzRecorder AVerMedia CR530 HD Recorder
February 13, 2017
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Avermedia EZRecorder ER310 HD Conferencing Recorder| HD Video Capture
February 14, 2017
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Avermedia CV910 HD Conferencing Recorder

AVermedia CV910 HD Conferencing Recorder | ExtremeCap 910 CV910


Avermedia CV910 HD Conferencing Recorder

  • Easily capture lessons with Chromebook
  • Quick and simple
  • No complicated software
  • Less noise, more smile
  • Convenient mute control
  • Customize to your needs

AverMedia Recorder CV910Avermedia CV910 HD Conferencing Recorder/ ExtremeCap 910 CV910

The best lecture capturing solution for flipped classrooms

As flipped classroom and video lesson continue to surge in popularity, more teachers are required to record their own lectures. But the truth is, teaching is hard enough, so why not be efficient at recording it? The ExtremeCap 910 is here for the job so you can focus on teaching. With a built-in 360 degree microphone and HD video capturing, your voice and lessons are flawlessly recorded with just a press of a button.

Avermedia CV910 Features

Easily capture lessons with Chromebook

Easily capture all digital lesson contents from your Chromebook, with combined voice recording from the integrated microphone to save full lessons and presentations.

Quick and simple

Simply connect your computer via HDMI or VGA, press the record button, and your entire lesson will be recorded and ready to share.

No complicated software

Since the ExtremeCap 910 combines video and audio into one file on an on-board SD card, there is no complicated video editing or capture software needed to produce full, rich lessons.

Less noise, more smile

The integrated microphone includes noise canceling technology to effectively capture the teacher’s voice, and reduce irrelevant background noises for clear, pleasant audio.

Convenient mute control

One-touch mute control allows the teacher to mute the microphone while other audio is playing, or side conversations are taking place to maintain privacy.

Customize to your needs

Dashboard is a user friendly utility for adjusting the ExtremeCap 910’s settings from a PC. Record Mode and Video Quality are the two main settings in which you select room sizes, content resolutions to best suit your needs.

Avermedia CV910 Specifications

InterfaceUSB 2.0 (mini USB)
Video input/outputHDMI, VGA
Audio input/outputHDMI, 3.5 mm audio
StorageSD card (SDHC Class 10 or faster)
MicrophoneOmni directional
Recording formatTS
Operating temperature32–122°F (0–50°C)
Dimensions4.9 x 4.9 x 1.4 inches (125 x 125.4 x 34.6 mm)
Weight6 oz (170 g)
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