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PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier Ahuja WA-320
August 30, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Ahuja Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier WA-620

Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier Ahuja WA-620

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25 watt Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier  WA-620

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Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier

Model No. Ahuja WA-620


  • WA-620 is a compact, reliable and easily portable PA wireless meeting amplifier with built-in rechargeable battery. It is ideally suitable for classrooms, coaching centers, conference rooms, presentations, parties, bus tours, small religious gatherings and small outdoor gatherings.
  • 25W (max) power output.
  • Built-in VHF high band wireless receiver. Wireless microphone supplied alongwith (available in any one of 6 different frequencies).
  • Two wired microphone inputs and an Aux input for connecting CD Player or mixer.
  • Separate cut/boost type Bass & Treble controls.
  • Switchable PRIORITY on Mic1.
  • REC output available for connecting a recorder or for connecting another amplifier.
  • Operates on AC mains or 12V external battery or built-in 12V 3.5Ah rechargeable battery.
  • Facility to recharge built-in 12V battery, rechargeable 9V battery and rechargeable 1.5V AA pencil cells.
  • Provision for mounting the unit on a stand.


 Power Output 25W Max.
 Inputs Mic-1: 3mV, Mic-2: 3mV, Aux: 100mV
 REC. Output 800mV
 Tone Controls Bass: ± 6dB at 80Hz Treble: ± 6dB at 8kHz
 Power Requirements 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz, 12V Car Battery,
  12V 3.5Ah rechargeable battery
 Dimensions W215 × H285 × D150 mm
 Weight 4.3kg
 RF Output Power 10mW (max.)
 Modulation Mode FM (F3E)
 Frequency Response 50Hz – 15,000Hz
 Battery 1×9V Battery
 Dimensions Dia. 52 × L 245 mm
 Weight 0.19kg (without 9V battery)
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