PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier Ahuja PSX-300
PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier Ahuja PSX-300
August 30, 2016
Ahuja Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier WA-620
Portable PA wireless meeting amplifier Ahuja WA-620
August 30, 2016
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Ahuja Ahuja Portable PA System WA-320

PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier Ahuja WA-320

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20 watt PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier WA-320

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PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier

Model No. Ahuja WA-320


  • Wireless PA System WA-320 is perfect for use in Class Rooms, Meetings, Presentations, Wedding Parties, Bus Tours, Outdoor Activities or any application where permanent sound facilities are not available. The wireless feature permits easy and hassle-free installation and usage. The compact size of WA-320 allows you to conveniently place it anywhere. In addition, there is a provision for mounting it on a stand if desired.
  • Where WA-320 is to be used for a large gathering, the Rec. Output can be connected to the Aux input of a high wattage PA amplifier to obtain higher output
  • Compact, lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Sufficient to cover a gathering of 100 people.
  • Operates on 3 power sources: AC Mains, DC 12V Car Battery, Dry Cells (8×UM-1).
  • Two Wired Microphones can be used.
  • Can Connect: CD Player, Cassette Recorder, Wired Microphone, PC/Laptop.
  • VHF High Band Wireless System. Available in 8 different frequencies (170-200MHz).
  • Supplied with Wireless Microphone Tie-clip AWL-321A or Hand-Held AWM-322.
  • Separate Bass & Treble controls provided.
  • Distance coverage is around 100 feet.


Power Output 20W Max.
 Inputs Mic 1-2.5mV/Pa, Mic 2-2.5mV/Pa, Aux 1-125mV
 REC. Output 280mV
 Tone Controls Bass: ± 4dB at 200Hz Treble: ± 5dB at 10kHz
 Power Requirement 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz, 12V Car Battery, 8 nos. UM1 cells
 Dimensions W200 × H270 × D145
 Weight 3.00kg.
 AWL-321A (Tie-Clip Microphone)
 RF Output Power 10mW
 Modulation Mode FM (F3E)
 Frequency Response 50Hz – 15kHz
 Battery 1 × 9V Battery
 Dimensions W23 × H66 × D106 mm
 Weight 100gms
 AWM-322 (Hand-Held Microphone)
 RF Output Power 15mW
 Modulation Mode FM (F3E)
 Frequency Response 50Hz – 15kHz
 Battery 1 × 9V Battery
 Dimensions Dia 55 × L244 mm
 Weight 205gms
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