Falcon HDMI Cable (M-M) P-HDFH-32 Cable: Covid, HDMI, 32 Ft.
March 4, 2017
Wall Mount Stand For LCD & LED TV
March 6, 2017
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Falcon HDMI Cable (M-M) P-HDFH-49 Cable: Covid, HDMI, 49 Ft.

P-HDFH-49 Cable: Covid, HDMI, Plenum, Copper-Fiber Hybrid, 49 Ft.

  • Supports full 1080p, up to 4K 30Hz, 3D, Deep Color
  • 5mm bend radius

P-HDFH-49 Cable: Covid, HDMI, Plenum, Copper/Fiber Hybrid, 49 Ft.

High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) provides excellent connectivity solutions for distributing high definition audio and video data. This series of High Speed HDMI AOC minimizes the consumed electricity when transmitting an HDMI signal, thus only utilizing the Tx and Rx plug to transmit High Speed HDMI instead of utilizing external USB power that is typical in conventional AOCs.

The Covid HDMI AOC Hybrid-Fiber Cable is the perfect solution for critical AV installations that demand flawless signal integrity. The latest advances in technology allow the HDMI AOC Hybrid-Fiber Cable to be compliant with 3D, 4K UHD resolutions, as well as features like HPD, EDID, HDCP and CEC link operations. The AOC Hybrid-Fiber Cable has features unlike any other which make it the best choice when flexibility is the key. The AOC Hybrid-Fiber Cable is thinner, lighter and more flexible than copper. The AOC Hybrid-Fiber Cable is offered at lengths up to 100m (328ft.), which is far beyond the normal reach of conventional copper HDMI cables. Covid is proud to offer cable jackets that comply with the UL standards and have a Plenum (CMP) Rating, (Low Smoke Zero Halogen, LSZH) Also available by special order).

P-HDFH-49 Cable Features

  • Supports full 1080p, up to 4K 30Hz, 3D, Deep Color
  • Multi-channel Audio, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
  • EDID, CEC, HDCP compliant
  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Built-in powering (No external 5V USB power port)
  • High pulling strength & compression load
  • Plenum rated
  • 5mm bend radius
  • Optional cable jacket: UL CMP-OF (Plenum), LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


  • Professional AV systems interconnection
  • In & outdoor digital signage panels & kiosks
  • Home theater systems
  • Facility automation systems

Specifications :P-HDFH49

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