Ahuja CMA-5400 50 Watts Central Mixer Amplifier
Ahuja CMA5400 Conference Systems 50 Watts Central Mixer Amplifier
September 29, 2017
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Ahuja CCS-2300 Two-way Counter Communication System AC
October 4, 2017
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Ahuja CWM-400V PA VHF Wireless Microphone

Ahuja CWM-400V PA VHF Wireless Microphone

Rs.18,472.00 Rs.15,655.00

Ahuja CWM-400V PA VHF Wireless Microphone @ best prices in India

PA VHF Wireless Microphone – Ahuja CWM-400V

CWM-400V consists of a high band VHF wireless receiver and four wireless table-top gooseneck microphones. The gooseneck microphones can be kept on Podiums, or spread out across the conference tables, some distance away from the Receiver. Wireless link between the gooseneck Microphones & the Receiver allows fast and easy installation, and immense flexibility in shifting the position of the microphones as per requirement.

Features of Ahuja PA Wireless Audio Conference Microphone:

  • It is ideal for conferences and assemblies, as well as for a variety of announcement & other PA applications, Up to 8 microphones of different frequencies can be used (with 2 Receivers).
  • A backup facility exists of connecting the microphones directly to an amplifier with suitable additional cables in case wireless operation is not desired
  • Under some circumstances.
  • The system is designed for rugged, professional use, and is optimally tailored for very clear, intelligible sound.
  • Compact and elegant high band VHF wireless microphone system with four gooseneck microphones.
  • Microphones available in different frequencies (2 sets of 4 each).
  • Microphones are unidirectional condenser types, fitted with gooseneck, ON/OFF switch and an indicator LED.
  • Sleek table-top receiver which can receive signals from up to 4 microphones.
  • Individual output volume control and a RF LED for each channel provided on the front panel of the receiver.
  • Separate 6.3mm phone jack for audio output from each channel available on the rear panel.
  • Receiver operates on12V DC through an AC adaptor, supplied along with and Microphone operates with 2×1.5V AAA alkaline cells.


CWM-400V Specifications: 


 RF Output Power  10mW (Max.)
 Modulation Mode  FM
 Microphone Element  Condenser, Cardioid
 Maximum Deviation  ± 18kHz
 Frequency Response  80Hz-15kHz
 Power Requirement  2×1.5V AAA alkaline cells
 Current Consumption  <60mA
 Controls  ON/OFF Push Switch
 Indication  Red ring LED in the gooseneck & Red round LED in the base
 Dimensions  W90 × H60 × D130 mm (mic. base)
 Weight  550g (without battery)


 Frequency Stability  ± 0.005%
 Audio Output  0-50mV adjustable (each channel)
 Signal to Noise Ratio  >80dB
 Distortion  <0.5%
 Antenna Type  Telescopic
 Power Requirement  220V-240V AC 50Hz for AC adaptor (supplied along with)
 Controls  Power Switch, Output Volume Control for each channel
 Indication  Red LED for Power ON, Green LED for RF indication of each channel
 Dimensions  W420 × H54 × D210 mm
 Weight  1.80kg
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