ahuja SMX-602
PA Wall Speaker Ahuja SMX-602/602T
August 26, 2016
ahuja CS-5061T
PA Ceiling Speaker Ahuja CS-5061T
August 26, 2016
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ahuja SMX-302

PA Wall Speaker Ahuja SMX-302/302T

Rs.4,848.00 Rs.4,610.00

30 watt PA Wall Speaker

PA Wall Speaker

Model No. Ahuja SMX-302/302T


2-Way Compact PA Wall Speaker

  • High fidelity 2-Way speaker system in compact & elegant black plastic housing.
  • Comprises of a Polypropylene Woofer and a Titanium Dome Tweeter.
  • SMX-302 is a low impedance 8W speaker.
  • SMX-302T is meant for use on 100V line with power taps of 30W, 15W &7.5W.
  • Easy power tap selection through a slotted rotary switch knob at the rear.
  • ‘U’ type bracket for convenient wall mounting of the speaker.
  • Ideal for various background music & general PA application.


Input Power 30W RMS
Power Taps 30w, 30/15/7.5W
Impedance/Voltage 8Ω, 100V
Frequency Response 80-20,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz (1W/1m) 86dB
Speakers Woofer 100mm (4”), Tweeter 25mm (1”)
Dimensions W165 × H225 × D150 mm
Weight 2kg/2.5kg
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