BTL SE-730 Portable Amplifier
BTL SE-730 Portable Amplifier – Teaching Microphone
July 20, 2018
ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe AMX
ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe
August 23, 2018
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AMX Acendo Core Collaboration Systems ACR-5100

AMX Acendo Core Collaboration Systems ACR-5100

AMX Audio Video Control System Acendo core

AMX Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System – Harman

Model:  ACR-5100

AMX Acendo Core acr 5100 Audio video  control systems

Acendo Core enables vast web conferencing platform support including one-click Skype for Business meeting launch, wireless document sharing, web browsing, and access to content from network drives, and a variety of scheduling functions including booking the room, extending the meeting, and browsing / scheduling nearby rooms.

The start screen has everything a user needs when they walk into the space. They can join Skype for Business meetings without having to find a link or meeting invite, share content wirelessly from a mobile device or PC using AirPlay, Miracast, or Google Cast, view documents from the web, cloud storage, network drive, or a USB thumb drive. Built-in document viewers allow for side-by-side view of two documents, and 4K support for dual monitors provides an optimal collaboration experience.

Acendo Core also allows users to quickly and easily perform a variety of space scheduling actions with direct integration into Exchange and Office 365, the start screen shows the day’s schedule for the room.

AMX Acendo Core Features: 

  • Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms, including One-click Skype for Business
  • multi-purpose and easy to install
  • Wireless Sharing
  • Built-in Document Viewers
  • Network Drive Support
  • Users can authenticate into Acendo Core and access network drives
  • Simple and Intuitive On-screen Scheduling
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