High Quality with Royal Looking Wooden Podium SP-630
High Quality With Royal Looking Wooden Podium SP-630
August 17, 2016
White & Black Wooden Acrylic Podium SP-510
August 17, 2016
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Stylish Wooden Podium SP-632

Stylish Wooden Podium SP-632

Wooden Podium With LED Glow Sign Board

Model : SP-632

Stylish Wooden Podium SP-632 with Wooden & Milky white acrylic sheet Inbuilt gooseneck microphone, LED glow sign Board on front side for any commercial logo and optional accessories.

Optional Accessories : LED light, Inbuilt computer, Amplifier, Wall Speaker and others as required.
Size : 18″(D) x 20″(W) x 44″(H), Weight : 20 Kg

Note: Due to continuous product development, the specification may change without prior notice. Product image are for illustrating purpose only and may differ from the actual product.


For more Details, please contact – Mr. Sneh K. Sharma   +91 9313355675 , 011-22430529 or mail us at saatviksneh@gmail.com ; podium@woodenpodium.in

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