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Studiomaster ER58 Wireless Dual VHF Microphone
August 30, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Ahuja AWM-890UHF

Wireless Handheld UHF Microphone Ahuja AWM-890UHF

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Wireless Handheld UHF Microphone AWM-890UHF

High performance multi-channel UHF Wireless Microphone System incorporating PLL frequency synthesis for stable performanc

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Wireless Handheld UHF Microphone

Model No. Ahuja AWM-890UHF


  • High performance multi-channel UHF Wireless Microphone System incorporating PLL frequency synthesis for stable performance.
  • Special techniques like compander function and tone squelch system enhance the reliability of the system even in difficult conditions.
  • Table-top space diversity receiver with detachable BNC antennas.
  • User-friendly LCD display shows status of various functional parameters like Channel number (CH), Carrier Frequency (Fc), Microphone ON / OFF symbol, RF Level, Audio Level and status of DC supply to the receiver.
  • Unbalanced audio output through ¼” jack socket and balanced audio output through a 3-pin XLR male socket.
  • Earphone output with volume control for monitoring purpose.
  • Microphone operates with 2 × 1.5V pencil (AA) cells and Receiver operates on 12V DC through an AC Adaptor, which are supplied along with the system.
  • Microphone has a 3-position slide switch for Audio ON, Audio MUTE and OFF conditions.
  • Distance coverage more than 200 feet.


 RF Output Power 30mW (Max.)
 Carrier Frequency Range 700-900MHz
 Frequency Stability ±0.001%
 Modulation Mode FM
 Microphone Element Dynamic, Cardioid
 Spurious Rejection 50dB
 Maximum Deviation ±45kHz
 Frequency Response (±3dB) 50-14,000Hz
 Pre-Emphasis 50S
 Power Requirement 3V (2 × 1.5V AA Pencil Cells)
 Current Consumption 80mA
 Controls Microphone On / Mute / Off switch, 2 digit thumbwheel switch
 Indication Red LED for indicating Low Battery
 Dimensions Ø56 × L280 mm
 Weight 0.3kg (w/o battery)
 Carrier Frequency Range 700-900MHz
 Receiving System Diversity reception
 Sensitivity <2V (S/N=40dB)
 Audio Output 0-110mV / 600
 Signal to Noise Ratio 90dB
 Distortion 1%
 Frequency Response (±3dB) 50-14,000Hz
 Dynamic Range 90dB
 Image Rejection >60dB
 De-Emphasis 50S
 Antenna A & B Detachable through BNC connector
 Power Requirement 240V AC 50Hz for AC Adaptor (supplied alongwith)
 Controls Power Switch, Channel Select Switch,
Volume Control for Audio Output,
Volume Control for Ear Phone Output
 Indications Blue LED for Standby, Multi Function LCD display
 Dimensions W210 × H44 × D190 mm
 Weight 1.15kg
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