Studiomaster br12series
Wireless dual UHF Microphone Studiomaster BR-12
August 30, 2016
Studiomaster br48
Wireless Dual UHF Microphone System Studiomaster BR-48
August 30, 2016
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Studiomaster br28 series

Wireless Dual UHF Microphone Studiomaster BR-28

Rs.7,025.00 Rs.5,930.00

Wireless Dual UHF Microphone BR-28

Wireless Microphone System with 8 Selectable UHF Channels.

Wireless Dual UHF Microphone

Model No. Studiomaster BR-28

BR 28 Series
The Studiomaster Professional BR 28 is a Wireless Microphone System with 8 Selectable UHF Channels.
Selectable 8 UHF channels ensure flawless and non interfering performance, along with an
exceptionally clear microphone makes the BR 28 series a great value proposition.
UHF Band frequency by PLL-Synthesis Technology.
8 Selectable UHF Channels.
UHF Operating Frequency Range: 460-970MHz.
Antenna Diversity Receiver.
Double noise squelching circuit to ensure excellent sound quality.
LED for Channel information Display.
Highly efficient & Low Energy consumption design.
Audio Frequency Response : 50Hz – 15KHz.
Model Available: BR-28/BM-28 (Handheld) OR BR-28/BL-28 (Lapel)
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