Ahuja AWM-520VH
Wireless Handheld VHF Microphone Ahuja AWM-520VH
August 28, 2016
Ahuja AWM-630VG
Wireless Gooseneck VHF Microphone Ahuja AWM-630VG
August 28, 2016
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Ahuja AWM-520VL

Wireless Collar VHF Microphone Ahuja AWM-520VL

Rs.3,632.00 Rs.3,065.00

Wireless Collar VHF Microphone AWM-520VL

Wireless Collar VHF Microphone

Model No. Ahuja AWM-520VL

  • Ahuja introduces a compact & reliable single channel VHF Wireless Microphone AWM-520VL. It features a tie-clip microphone with a VHF high band body-pack transmitter and a sensitive noise squelch receiver.
  • Elegant and affordable single channel VHF wireless microphone available in six different frequencies.
  • Electrect condenser unidirectional microphone.
  • Transmitter has an on ON/OFF switch and a LED for ON indication.
  • Stylish table-top receiver with a telescopic antenna & noise squelch circuitry.
  • Power ON/OFF switch and output volume control on the front panel.
  • 1/4″ (6.3mm) phone jack for audio output on the rear panel of the receiver.
  • Microphone operates with 1×9V battery.
  • Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC adaptor, supplied along with the microphone.


 RF Output Power 10mW (Max.)
 Modulation Mode FM
 Microphone Element Condenser, Cardioid
 Maximum Deviation ± 25kHz
 Frequency Response 40Hz-13kHz
 Power Requirement 9V Battery
 Current Consumption <30mA
 Controls ON/OFF Switch, Output Volume Control
 Indication Red LED for Microphone ON
 Dimensions W63×H33×D100 mm
 Weight 0.09kg (without battery)
 Frequency Stability ± 0.005%
 Audio Output 0-50mV
 S/N Ratio >80dB
 Distortion <0.5%
 Antenna Type Telescopic
 Power Requirement 220V-240V AC 50Hz for AC adaptor (supplied alongwith)
 Controls Power Switch, Output Volume Control
 Indication Red LED for Power ON, Green & Red LEDs for Signal
 Dimensions W152×H40×D110 mm
 Weight 0.20kg
 . 1×Connection Cable, 1×AC Adaptor, 1×9V Battery
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