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August 27, 2016
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Studiomaster SM500 XLR Wired Dynamic Microphone

Studiomaster SM500 XLR Microphone

Rs.3,847.00 Rs.3,540.00

Wired Dynamic Dynamic super- cardioid Microphone SM 500 XLR at Lowest Price

Studiomaster SM-500 XLR Wired Dynamic Microphone

Model no. Studiomaster SM500 XLR

The Studiomaster SM 500 XLR is an excellent microphone with a flat frequency response perfect for speech,
vocal & dynamic instrument miking. It can be used easily for studio & live application.
Extra wide frequency response (50Hz -15KHz) designed to suit every professional vocal applications.

  • Dynamic super- cardioid pickup pattern minimizes off-axis pick-up, reduced feedback and higher system gain.
  • Suspended cartridge shock-mount system, to minimize handling noise.
  • Low-failure magnetic on-off switch.
  • Rugged body and dent-proof steel grill that withstands physical shocks.

Studiomaster SM500 XLR Microphone Specification:

Transducer type Dynamic
Operating principle Dynamic mic style
Frequency response 50Hz-15KHz
Sensitivity -50dB ±3dB (at 1KHz)
Close miking 100 mm
Distant miking 1000 mm
Polar pattern Super-Cardiod
Accessories included 6.5M XLR-F to XLR-M mic cable, leatherette bag, mic holder,
plastic case + color sleeve packaging.
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