Bosch CCSE-CML CCS700 Conference Chairman Unit with long mic
Bosch CCSE-CML CCS700 Conference Chairman Unit with long mic
September 25, 2017
CWS-8100C Ahuja Audio Conference
CWS-8100C Ahuja Audio Conference Systems Chairman Unit
September 27, 2017
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Bosch CCSE-CU CCS700 Conference Control Unit

Bosch CCSE-CU CCS700 Conference Control Unit Controller System

Bosch CCSE-CU Conference Control Unit Controller @ Best Price

Bosch CCSE-CU Conference Controler

The CCS700 is suitable for use in meetings and conference venues with a limited number of participants. The Control Unit-CU is the heart of the CCS700 Ultro Discussion System and supplies the power for all delegate and chairman units in the system. The CU also controls the chairman and delegate unit microphones, as well as providing interfaces for external audio equipment. The CCS700 discussion system is a plug and play solution for the audio conference requirements.

Bosch CCSE-CU comes with 5 soft buttons for configuration and control of the built-in MP3 recorder. Bosch offers you cutting edge equipment for home. It offers a wide range of products that provide you enhanced functionality and are ideal for recording and sound. The brand gives you quality products that are durable.

Features of Bosch CCSE-CU Controller:

  • Better discussion control
  • 3-Band equaliser for better sound performance
  • Audio interfaces for connecting external audio equipments
  • Controls up to 50 Discussion units
  • CCSE-CU Controller is the perfect addition to your recorder

Technical Specifications

Mains voltage 230VAC,50 Hz (±10%)
DC voltage supply to contribution units 24V ± 1V DC
THD at rated output <1%
SNR >-50dB at rated output(unweighted filter)
Mic input sensitivity 1 mV (+1/-3dB)
Aux input sensitivity 100mV (+1/-3dB)
Frequency response 200 Hz to 12 kHz
Input Impedance 4.7 kohm
Center frequencies of filters 250Hz,2kHz and 8kHz
Filter bandwidth 1 octave
Boost/Cut at center frequencies +6dB to -6dB
Equalizer transfer gain ±1dB
PA Output
Rated output Impedance 100 ohm
SNR >-50dB at rated output(unweighted filter)
REC out
Rated output Impedance 1 kohm
SNR >-50dB at rated output(unweighted filter)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88mm x 361mm x 252mm
Color Charcoal(RAL 10736) and Grey(for rear cover)
Weight 5.5 kg
Operating temperature -5ºC to 45ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC to +70ºC
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